Bulleen Swim Centre & Camberwell Swim School
Bulleen  03 9850 7738
Genazzano 03 9850 6977
or 03 8862 1069
Bulleen  03 9850 7738
Camberwell  03 9850 6977
Bulleen Swim Centre & Genazzano Swim School


Genazzano Squad Timetable

Bulleen Squad Timetable

Our squad prorgam consists of four levels. Each level focuses on stroke development, dives and turns.

Octopus (Pre-Squad)

A 45min session where swimmers are introduced to Breaststroke and Butterfly as well refining Backstroke and Freestyle.

Whale (Junior Squad)

A 45min session where swimmers are consolidating all four strokes. They also participate in a 15 minute Survival Sequence with clothes challenge, which is a key aspect of water safety.

Shark and Marlin (Intermediate Squad)

A 1hr squad session where swimmers are now competent in all four srokes. In Terms 1 and 3 swimmers participate in the 50m challenge where they have a chance to work on their speed. In Terms 2 and 4 swimmers aim to achieve their distance swim of 1km or 1.5km Freestyle as well as the other key skills.

Senior Squad

A 1hr squad session concentrating on all four competitive stroke. Great for swimmers who want to maintain fitness or train for competitive swimming.

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