Bulleen Swim Centre & Camberwell Swim School
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Bulleen  03 9850 7738
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Bulleen Swim Centre & Genazzano Swim School


Genazzano Squad Timetable

Bulleen Squad Timetable

Our squad prorgam consists of four levels. Each level focuses on stroke development, dives and turns.

Octopus (Pre-Squad)

A 45min session where swimmers are introduced to Breaststroke and Butterfly as well refining Backstroke and Freestyle.

Whale (Junior Squad)

A 45min session where swimmers are consolidating all four strokes. They also participate in a 15 minute Survival Sequence with clothes challenge, which is a key aspect of water safety.

Shark and Marlin (Intermediate Squad)

A 1hr squad session where swimmers are now competent in all four srokes. In Terms 1 and 3 swimmers participate in the 50m challenge where they have a chance to work on their speed. In Terms 2 and 4 swimmers aim to achieve their distance swim of 1km or 1.5km Freestyle as well as the other key skills.

Senior Squad

A 1hr squad session concentrating on all four competitive stroke. In Terms 1 and 3 swimmers are timed over 50m for all four strokes in the 50m challenege. In Terms 2 and 4 swimmers have the opportunity to qualify for the 3km Freestyle distance swim. Swimmers also select one Olympic event of their choice which they are timed for.

Each term we aim to organise some form of event. It may vary from racing, to skill clinics, to presentation nights. We strive to bring both the Bulleen and Camberwell Swim School together to practice skills, acknowledge achievements and have fun.




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